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Find out when to get pregnant to have your baby in November

Find out when to get pregnant to have your baby in November

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Do you want to have your baby be born in November? Well, we have to tell you that it is possible! Either because it is when you are most excited or because it is when it suits you best for personal reasons that only you know, the fact is that you have decided that you would like your little one to be born in November. On our site we help you calculate when you have to get pregnant to give birth in November, we introduce you to three useful calculators and we also give you some tips to make you feel safe and calm. Let's go there!

Being a mother is something that comes from the heart, a unique feeling that can be difficult to express in words, but it is also an important fact that must be considered and planned based on the needs and circumstances of each couple. Therefore, you have to organize everything well.

We look at the calendar from top to bottom, we count months, we adjust dates and we see that it will be in February when your pregnancy must begin for you to give birth in November. In this way, the first trimester of pregnancy will be from February to April, the second from May to July and the third will go from August to October. The approximate due date is in November. Your dream has finally come true!

As we know that not everything goes the first time, we are going to share with you three calculators that will be very useful to you. Shall we start?

1. Ovulation calculator and fertile days
To use it correctly and that you can get the best out of it, we advise you to write down on a calendar for a few months the days when your period comes, so you will know if it is regular or not. Then you will only have to count the days as we indicate to find those in which you ovulate, that is, the days in which you are most fertile and try to conceive right there. There are women who immediately notice when they are ovulating due to the changes that occur in their body, however, for many others it is a challenge to know. With this useful calculator you will get rid of doubts and you will have everything under control.

2. Ovulation calculator to get pregnant with a boy
If you would like your baby to be a boy, there is a very simple thing you can do to achieve it: have sex on key days. How do you know what those days are? Very easy, the ideal time to have sex is 24 hours before or after ovulation, that is, the same day of ovulation or the day before. It is about seeing the fertile days of the woman and the survival capacity of the Y sperm, those that give the male gene to the baby. Perfect!

3. Ovulation calculator to get pregnant with a girl
Would you like that when November comes you give birth to a girl? Well then you have to choose the right days in February to get pregnant. Program with this calculator sexual intercourse 5 to 3 days before ovulation, it is the best way that the X sperm, (the female) that have survived the Y, (the male) can complete their journey to the ovum and fertilize it. Ready to try?

I asked myself this same question when I got pregnant with my first child, and I couldn't stop thinking about the changes I was going to notice and if in fact that nausea was as annoying as they said. I have to tell you that with my first pregnancy I did not notice any nausea or discomfort, however, with the second pregnancy, (it was a girl) there was not a single day that I did not vomit or feel a heavy stomach. With this I want to tell you that yes there are a number of common symptoms in the first trimester of pregnancy but that not all women have to go through all of them.

Perhaps it happens to you that towards the end of the day you notice more bloated by gas, or that you are very hungry (it happened to me in my first pregnancy), or that you are very tired or on the contrary, that you have a lot of energy due to the revolution hormonal. You may also find it difficult to sleep at night or that you are more sensitive. Don't be alarmed, you may go through the first trimester of your pregnancy without noticing practically any symptoms. Focus on the great illusion of being pregnant and you will see how the rest of the things lose importance.

As planned, it will be in November when that little being is born that will turn your world upside down. You will see what a wonderful feeling when you can finally cradle him in your arms. Tell you also, dear mother, that there are things that are not so beautiful, such as pain after delivery, especially if you have had stitches or a cesarean section, sleepless nights, the uncertainty of knowing if your baby is well or is It has put bad, breastfeeding that is magical but hard to get used to ... And things like that that not everyone talks about.

I was super happy to have my little one with me but there were also days when I was very sad and when I thought the situation was overwhelming me. With this I do not intend more than to share my experience with you and make you see that those not so good things that there are after childbirth are going to be there, but that if you lean on yours, You ask your midwife for advice, you take it easy, you talk about your feelings and from time to time you look for a space of time for yourself even if it is a few minutes, you will see that things change a lot. Remember that giving your baby a kiss, looking into his eyes and telling him how much you love him, helps infinitely.

Welcome mom!

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