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Children's jokes for children

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Upon completion, a link will appear to access the found materials. He has selected the best children's jokes because he considers that laughter is a great benefit for the health of children. Children will love hearing or telling jokes in which children are the protagonists.

Learn and tell these jokes for children so that you can laugh out loud as a family. We have selected jokes about children for children, so that you have a pleasant and fun time all together.

Laughing is the best remedy to cheer up, stimulate good humor and it does not present contraindications. And if laughter is good, nothing better than sharing it with others. How? Well ... what do you think if we start by telling some children's jokes? Here we go...

He was such a tall boy, so tall that he ate a yogurt and when it reached his stomach it was already expired.

This bank is occupied by a man and a boy.

The man's name is Juan and the boy I have already told you:

- Stephen

A boy comes to the park, a friend approaches him and says:
- You are wearing a brown shoe and a black one !!
And the child answers:
- And that's nothing, in my house I have another pair just like it.

A girl is doing her homework and asks her father:

- Dad, how do you spell bell?

- Bell is written 'as it sounds'

- So I write 'talán-talán'?

He was a child so, but so tiny, that his head smelled of feet

A child enters a pharmacy and says:
- I want some glasses.
The pharmacist asks:
- For the Sun?
And the child responds:
- No! For me!

A boy goes down the street with his grandfather and finds a candy on the ground. He is going to take it and his grandfather tells him:

- child, do not take anything from the ground.

Later the boy finds a one euro coin and his grandfather tells him:

- child, do not take anything from the ground.

They continue walking and the grandfather trips and falls to the ground, and asks the boy for help. And the child says:

- Grandpa, nothing is picked up from the ground

A girl goes with her father and says:

- They call my brother little bell.

- And why, asks his father.

- Because he's so handsome, so handsome ...

Why do some children put sugar under their pillow?

To have sweet dreams

Two children go down the street and one asks the other:
- What time is it?
- It is twelve o'clock.
- Ufff, what a late.
- Well, having asked me before

- Child, why don't you have cold milk?

And the child says:

- Because the cow does not fit in the fridge

A mother takes her child to a speech therapist.

- I bring my son because he does not pronounce the r well.

And the speech therapist looks at the child and says:

- Let's see kid, what's your name?

And the child answers:

- Fart

Two children chat after an exam:
- How did you do?
- Fatal, I left it blank. And you?
- Like me! They are going to think that we have copied ourselves!

A child yells at his mother:

- Mom, Mom, the lentils are sticking !!!

And the mother answers:

- Well, let them kill themselves

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