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9 ideas of compound names with Ana that you will want to give your daughter

9 ideas of compound names with Ana that you will want to give your daughter

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Now is the time to choose the name of our baby. Nothing banal task. And the name says a lot about us, who has given it to us, about fashions, evolution, history and the society in which we live. Therefore, in we want to help you, for which we have made a compilation of compound names with Ana for girls who are about to be born. It will be difficult for you to decide which one you want to put on your daughter!

Far from the singular or original names that often fall into extravagance and with which we have to end up giving too many explanations to family and friends to justify ourselves before their crooked gesture when discovering it, we want to claim a name from always, from before and now, traditional but still on the top ten list: Ana. In addition, because it is a short nickname, it is perfect to make different combinations with it that give us the ideal compound name for our girl.

Ana comes from Hebrew and means "beneficent, compassionate, full of grace", with which we can already begin to see how the character of women who share this beautiful and sonorous name will be. Its roots lie in the Bible, in the Old Testament, referring at first to Samuel's mother. And the Christian tradition also knows the mother of the Virgin Mary by the name of Ana, grandmother of Jesus. Therefore, since Antiquity it has been used, with some variations (due to adaptations to other languages), but the original name has always prevailed.

As a curiosity, Ana is one of the few capicúa names, that is, it is read the same from right to left as from left to right. This is sure to bring luck to your little one. Furthermore, Santa Ana is the patron saint of pregnant women, mothers and working women. There are several dates for the celebration of his name day, although the most common is July 26.

Having a compound name is no longer very common in Spain, however, it is in Mexico, for example. Opting for a combined nickname allows us to put a classic and a more modern one, combining trend with tradition. Thus you cannot fail. If you still have a hard time finding the perfect name for your daughter, keep the following tips in mind.

If we stop to think ... What is the first question we ask when we meet someone? Indeed !: what's your name? or what is your name? Thus, the name it becomes our first sign of identity. Because the last name is already known, it is hereditary, it touches what it touches. But the name is up to us. The topic of taking responsibility for our little one begins even before she is born!

Below we propose 9 possible combinations that triumph in the statistics of the most used compound names in recent years. Choose yours.

1. Ana Sofia
Sofia comes from the Greek and means "wisdom." One of its diminutives is Sonia, which translates to exactly the same thing, only that its etymology takes us in this case to the Slavic world.

2. Ana Paula
As a feminine variant of Pablo, Paula comes from the Latin voice ‘paulus’, which means little. For this reason, its translation refers to "that which is small or humble".

3. Ana Victoria
In Latin this name finds its origin. And little has changed its meaning since then, because it means precisely that: "successful" or "victorious."

4. Ana Regina
Although its origin is Latin, Regina's name refers to one of the qualifiers of the Virgin Mary: regina coeli, “Queen of the skies.

5. Ana Maria
Mary comes from the Hebrew and is translated as "the one chosen by God." Perhaps it is the name most used in the world due to its religious connotation, as it is the nickname of the mother of Jesus.

6. Ana Belén
Bethlehem comes from the Hebrew, specifically from ‘bet lehem’, which is translated “house of bread”. Its religious weight makes us talk about the city where Jesus was born.

7. Ana Isabel
It is curious, but there is no agreement on the origin of the name Isabel. We are left with the combination of the name of the Egyptian goddesses Isis and Bel, the main Babylonian god. It is its Christian version and Hebrew would mean "God is my oath."

8. Ana Lía
Lía is a name of Hebrew origin, from the voice ‘leah’, which means “tired, melancholic”, but also “hard-working”. A nice short name for baby girls!

7. Ana Lucia
Do you like the name Lucia? In Latin (‘lux’) this nickname finds its origins and its meaning is related to light and hope. It is translated as "the one who was born at dawn."

8. Ana Rosa
It is nothing new that Rosa is translated as "woman as beautiful as a rose", since it is born from the flower. You should also know that its origin is Latin and that its saints are generally celebrated on August 23.

9. Ana Clara
Its roots are Latin and it means "clean, diaphanous, pure and transparent". It can also be related to the archaic verb ‘to call’, then it means “the one who proclaims and attracts”.

Have you already decided what to call your little daughter who is about to be born? If the answer is negative, take a look at the our site name guide. It will help you!

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