21 fun short dictations for third graders

21 fun short dictations for third graders

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Learning the use of capital letters interspersed with punctuation marks, how to place the comma after the connectors or deepening in the learning of the letter 'V' are just some of the spelling rules that boys and girls of 7, 8 and 9 years. That is why we offer you these practical short dictations for third grade children,that will be of great help to you.

Dictations are an excellent reinforcement material for all students, and doing exercises of this type brings many benefits to boys and girls: it improves writing, reading comprehension and the correct use of grammar, as well as helping to work on concentration and memory, among many other things. That is why parents and teachers they look for entertaining texts to launch these dictations at home and at school.

But for the little ones to do the dictation exercises with enthusiasm and motivation, they should opt for paragraphs that are not excessively long, which are entertaining for them. Also, it is better to do just one a day but do it well, that is to say, that the child understands everything he writes, that he understands the text itself and that he is not left with any doubt.

Here we propose a few fun and very practicals dictations for boys and girls in the third grade of primary school. They will be very interesting to you and you will be able to improve your grammar lessons. Shall we start?

During the past year, students began to see what punctuation marks are and what they are used for. During this course they will have to use them in their daily tasks, so the following dictations will be very useful. On the other hand, you can take the opportunity to indicate what are the interrogative and exclamatory particles who have an accent and why.

1 - Are you coming to the party today?

- No way! My mother told me that we are going to town. What are you going to do on the weekend?

- Well, rest, read a book and eat a strawberry cake-

- Delicious!

2 - The horse is walking around the meadow, will he want to find something to eat? You may want to talk to your friend the cow. Or maybe you are looking for your friend the donkey? What unknowns!

3 - Bravo! You scored a great goal!

- Me? Nothing of that! It was really thanks to the defender who passed the ball to me at the right time. Do you think we are going to win the game?

- Of course!

On the other hand, you should start little by little with the use of other punctuation marks such as quotation marks, ellipsis, and parentheses. It is important that they fully understand why they are used in this way.

4 - Perhaps in that distant forest (the one next to my house) the lion needed a friend. Perhaps the tiger was right when he said: "if it was sunny here, the other animals would come to see us." Or maybe the bear was right in thinking that no one was ever going to find them ...

5 - 'Don't reply to me,' said the mother. "You don't listen to me," said the daughter. 'This doesn't make sense,' exclaims Grandma. And I, who see everything from the door, say: 'I think instead of arguing we should sit at the table with a hot cup of coffee' And that's how it all started ...

To go a little deeper into the correct use of capital letters, something that is difficult for many children in the third grade, we have somewhat longer dictations which, in addition, are mixed with punctuation marks, as we show you in these exercises.

6 - There once was a pirate named Blackbeard who liked to sail the Pacific Ocean. He always repeated this phrase: 'when I see land, I'll stay and live there.' But he never succeeded since he was always circling the same ocean without realizing it. One day, he met a sea lion named Rizo, who told him that he would take him to the mainland if he gave him a hundred gold coins in exchange. 'Why do you want so many coins?' Asked Blackbeard ...

7- Seville, Granada, Córdoba, Jaén and Cádiz are some of the provinces of Andalusia (Spain). I have only visited Granada, but my mother has told me that if I get good grades she will let me choose where to go on vacation. IM so lucky!

Last year the students began to learn how to use the comma to separate elements within an enumeration, it will be in this third grade year when they work on the same line and also include the use of the comma after the connectors, as shown in the following dictations.

8 - I like the park, music, drawing and doing sports. However, I don't have much time because they send me a lot of homework at school.

9 - Next week I have a language, English, philosophy and physical education exam. So if I want to pass it all, I have to study a little bit every day.

This is a common misspelling in 7, 8 and 9 year olds: write n when it really is m. With these dictations they will get used to avoiding these errors and, little by little, they will know this spelling rule perfectly.

10 - Bomba, Campaign, Horn, Compass, Bamboo and December are just some examples of how to use the 'm' before 'b' and “p”. Now I have understood!

11 - The wire mat is now ready to dance rumba on it. I mark the beat, the trumpet plays the music while the storm calms down. Who of them all will be the champion?

"Is it written with v or with b?" Another question that a lot of third grade boys and girls ask, and is that it is only with practice that you can know perfectly when to write one or the other in each case. Here are some dictations to help you get out of doubt. Once they have finished with them, speak out loud to see if they have understood it correctly.

12 - Let's see if you can guess, I looked out the window to see if the pirate would come back. But instead I saw it raining so I had to go back for the keys.

13 - Valeria, Valentine, come home soon. It is not a warning, rather it is a play on words. Bravo! You are active and adventurous and you guessed it.

The letter h has no sound in Spanish, unless it is accompanied by the c, so far everything is correct. Now, what usually costs third grade students the most is knowing what are the words that are written with h. It's just a matter of practicing with exercises like these:

14 - Sautéed carrots, floured spaghetti and you already have a rich menu for dinner.

15 - My neighbor's son almost drowned when he swallowed a piece of smoked salmon, what a scare!

16 - Today I made a potato omelette, I piloted a helicopter and talked in my dreams while looking at my birthday present. What a crazy think!

17 - The rocket goes much faster than a normal vehicle. I wish I had one!

With these poems the children will reinforce memory, writing and concentration. Choose one of them and read it out loud, emphasizing the accents and punctuation marks.

18 - The mice gathered

to get rid of the cat;

and after a long time

of disputes and opinions,

they said they would hit

in putting a bell,

that walking the cat with him,

better off could.

Fragment of the 'Mice'. Lope de Vega

19 - My grandmother Mariana,

has a gray hair,

cana canariera.

My grandmother Mariana,

he tells me the stories

always in their own way.

I love her,

I love her so much ...

I shower, comb my hair

and takes me to the field.

Fragment of 'My grandmother is a fairy'. Gloria Fuertes.

20 - The chamariz in the poplar.

-And what else?

The poplar in the blue sky.

- And what else?

The blue sky in the water.

- And what else?

The water in the new leaf.

- And what else? The new leaf in the rose.

- And what else?

The rose in my heart.

- And what else?

My heart in yours!

Fragment of 'April'. Juan Ramon Ramirez

21 - Mother, mother, you kiss me

but I kiss you more,

and the swarm of my kisses

does not even let you look ...

If the bee enters the lily,

do not feel its flapping.

When you hide your little boy

you can't even hear him breathe ...

Fragment of 'Caresses'. Gabriela Mistral

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