Rose-shaped cupcake for Mother's Day

Rose-shaped cupcake for Mother's Day

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We teach you how to decorate some delicious cupcakes with buttercream in an easy and simple way. This dessert is ideal for children to get into the kitchen and make a gift for Mother's Day.

This is an ideal cupcake recipe to make at home. Children will love learning how to decorate desserts and that they also serve as gifts for mom or dad. The cake designer, Star Nuñez, teaches readers of, to make an original and very nice cupcake for him Mother's Day or other celebration.

  • Ready-made cupcakes
  • Paper cupcake mold
  • Buttercream
  • Pastry bag
  • Green fondant
  • Leaf-shaped mold

Tips: you can make sheets with fondant to decorate the rose or even another small flower or a heart.

1. Use a previously made or purchased cupcake. Prepare a buttercream and put it in the pastry bag. You can make strawberry buttercream or use aroma and coloring for yours.

2. To make the shape of the flower you have to put the sleeve in the center of the cupcake and go around it outwards.

3. On the other hand, knead a small piece of green fondant, with it we will make the leaves.

4. Cut two leaves with the mold. You can also use other molds or the knife to make other shapes like hearts.

5- Put the leaves on the cupcake and you have your cupcake for Mother's Day ready to give to mom.

Do you dare to make this beautiful cupcake for Mother's Day?

Estrella Núñez Fuertes
Cake Designer
Member of the Spanish Association of Cake Designers
Blog Sugar Tres Cantos
Contributor to our site

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