Children's reading. When can children start reading

Children's reading. When can children start reading

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Before the child knows the letters, he may already recognize certain words because he has seen them in advertising or in his favorite pictures, but this does not mean that he can read. Knowing how to read is a gradual process that involves a series of factors, one of which is that the child is prepared to do so.

One of the questions many parents ask is when will my child be able to read? Most specialists recommend starting when the child has entered school maturity, which involves certain factors:

- To determine the ideal moment to start reading, the child must have developed perception and visual acuity, a process that is constantly being exercised: first the written words are seen, then the movement from right to left is known, the spaces between words, punctuation marks ...

- Language development: children need a basic vocabulary to know the relationship between the corresponding graphic signs and their meanings.

- The child's motivation: and it is necessary to create a climate to awaken interest in reading

- The influence of the environment: the environment influences the child's readiness to read. Parents and educators should encourage you to read.

Motivation, a favorable socio-cultural environment, the attitude of parents and educators, teaching resources and methods, etc., can act as a great stimulus for children to be interested in reading.

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