Saint Peter Damian Day, February 21. Names for boys

Saint Peter Damian Day, February 21. Names for boys

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Pedro Damián is a compound name for a boy, ideal for your son, especially if he was born on February 21, which is the day of his name day in honor of Saint Pedro Damián.

Many parents prefer a compound name because in the future, it will be easier for the child to choose the name that best defines their way of being.

In addition, both Pedro and Damián are names with a long tradition but still current.

Pedro is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means "stone" or "rock". It is a name that despite the fact that it has been used since ancient times is not at all outdated. On the contrary, he has a great familiarity that makes the children who bear this name easily trusted. For his part, Damián is a name for a boy of Greek origin that means "the tamer", and that comes from the same family as Dámaso.

Both names, Pedro and Damián, are frequent names around the world, although we observe that Damián has acquired a special popularity in recent years in the Anglo-Saxon sphere. While Damián maintains its invariable form in almost all languages, the name Pedro gives rise to an endless number of well-known variants such as Peter, Pere, Pierre, Pierrot or Piero.

We meet many personalities named Pedro or Damián. Damian is one of the names of the well-known Jamaican singer Bob Marley, Damian Robert Nesta Marley, as well as the real name of the comic book character we know as Robin, Batman's son Damian Wayne. In literature, we find the broadest representation of the name Pedro in the figure of Pierrot from the Comedia del Arte.

But the compound name Pedro Damián is also frequent, given the importance of the Saint of Ravenna. Thus we find the successful Mexican actor, director and producer Pedro Damián, the writer Pedro Damián Cano or the soccer player Pedro Damián Álvarez.

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