Most popular names for girls that begin with the letter M

Most popular names for girls that begin with the letter M

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Long before the baby's arrival, parents are faced with the difficult task of choosing a name. It is not an easy decision because there is not always an agreement. While some prefer traditional names, others opt for more original or exotic names.

To assist parents in choosing a baby name, we have arranged popular names for girls by their starting letter. In this list of 10 names that begin with the letter M surely you will find the ideal name for your girl.

1. Maria. The name is of Hebrew origin and this is the quintessential girl's name. Indispensable in any list of frequent or popular names, María exercises the task of adding strength and personality to your girl like no other.

2. Martina. It is a name of Latin origin with a warrior meaning relative to the Roman god Mars. Courage and bravery accompany this name that brings charisma and that has managed to renew itself generation after generation to position itself as a popular name of the highest moment.

3. Marta. This name is of Aramaic origin and has been transmitted to us thanks to the biblical tradition. It is a traditional and familiar name that stands out for its simplicity, strong enough to remain in use outside of fashions and trends.

4. Marina. It is a name of Latin origin whose meaning refers to the sea. It stands out for its delicate musicality that brings a touch of distinction and originality to your girl. Because despite having known each other since ancient times, Martina has renewed in recent decades surrounding herself with modernity.

5. Mar. The name is of Latin origin and is one of the most eloquent and charming for girls. Able to maintain its unchanged popularity despite use, Mar contains an enigmatic touch due to the immensity of its meaning. Its simplicity and tradition only add to the appeal of this ideal name.

6. Miriam. It is a name of Hebrew origin in which a special force is perceived. The name is surrounded by charisma, good energy and personality, characteristics that will also accompany your girl. Plus, it inspires familiarity and confidence.

7. Manuela. This name has a Hebrew origin and a long tradition. It has not been as popular as its masculine Manuel, but in recent times it is being revitalized with such energy that it is now a charming and totally updated name for girls.

8. Mireia. The name is of Provençal origin and has a meaning related to admiration. It is a name that is gaining popularity for its charm, its musicality and the delicacy it exudes. It is a very complete name capable of highlighting your personality and beauty in your girl.

9. Mara. It is a name of Hebrew origin with a meaning related to nostalgia. Perhaps that is why the name tastes of calm, reflection and tranquility. In addition, it is very attractive and retains a fresh and original touch.

10. Monica. The name is of Greek origin and has a meaning that refers to what is unique, what is special. A whole declaration of intentions for your girl that will adapt perfectly to this traditional charismatic name.

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